We want the early until late - the morning start until the finish in the dead of night & everything in between. The missed Friday and Saturday nights that you traded for Saturday and Sunday morning shifts. We want the 5am alarms snoozed five times over. The social calendar that plays second fiddle to your work schedule. We want to be there for the shift you covered for a friend who needed the time off. We want the bad farmer tans in the summer, and the freezing days of the winter. 

All products are designed, inspired & tested by folks who work outdoors for a living all year round. We're constantly striving to strike the right balance of durability, comfort and mobility, and to create harmony between fit and functionality.

Flex work pants & the toughest work pants no longer need to be mutually exclusive products: The technology is there to combine these two features and deliver the best construction work pants on the market, offering the features of stretch work pants and more traditional, duck canvas/ double knee work pants. (See the the Zephyr double front work pants product page for more details). 

Wool shirts have long been a staple for outdoor construction clothes, but more expensive Merino wool is usually reserved for off hours. Incorporating the comfort of Merino wool and all the inherent natural benefits this fibre brings to the table with a synthetic material like nylon can yield an impressively tough but comfortable wool shirt. Leverage these materials with the classic design of a henley sweater, and you have Fieldsmith's own merino wool shirt (The Bunker Shirt)

To these ends, we believe that simplicity is typically the best philosophy in terms of design, a belief that is reflected in our product lineup to achieve the best construction clothes possible. 

Fieldsmith is dedicated to sourcing manpower & materials from Canada and the United States. Where available our fabric is sustainable & easy on the environment. Cut, sewn & based in Toronto, Feildsmith is a Canadian clothing manufacturer & designer of construction work clothes. 

In industries that constantly demand more, you meet and exceed the call. Our mission is simple: we want our work clothes to work the way you do every day. We hope you bring us to work with you.